About Us

Dream Home Painting Service is now not only a normal home painting service provider in kolkata, howrah and hooghly, now it's became a professional brand for home painting company in kolkata. With over 3 year of experience in home painting in kolkata, our professional painters have painted more than 500 houses in kolkata, and most of our customers are repeated, who come back to us again to get their home repainted. we can assured you that your home will be as beautifully painted, the way it deserve.

A record of excellence in our work, we are getting always for our consumers which makes our brand stronger. We distribute a wide range of products such as JK White putty, Asian Paint Royale Basecoat, Asian Paints Rollers, Asian Paint Acrylic Putty, Asian Paint Royale Shyne, Asian Paint Royale Aspira, Berger Silk, Berger Easy Clean, Dulux Diamond, Dulux Platinum, Dulux Pearls, etc. All the service of our company always use environment friendly and 100% genuine products. For our excellent service, customers choose us fast. Our enthusiastic team members and house painters in kolkata are always eager to serve you more and more and feeling proud because we are providing them a lot of opportunities as well as personal development.

We always try to serve you the premium quality paints and which is also looks innovative and satisfies you. By utilizing the latest technology and techniques we are giving our clients the best quality products and services. As we are standing to our promises and treat our customers as they expected from us that’s the reason, our customers keep coming back. We care about our customers and our reputations. Our customers can trust us because we are bonded. We consistently provide quality work in every project. We are always trying to satisfy our customers and gives them a good warranty time that helps in building their trust. As our price is affordable and also we provide them the warranty on products, it means our ultimate goal is our customers must get their value for their investment. If you look back to our business you can see our completed projects through which we satisfied our customers with punctuality and trustworthiness. From our office staff to our painters are working hard to establish trust among all of our customers and to earn. We understand how valuable your home to you and your money to you, that’s why we are trying to give double your investment. We give a good price with finance and also budget-friendly options to reach the need of our customers.

Our house painters and house painting contractors in kolkata give a smooth finish which looks very good. Our dynamic organization has dynamic house painters in kolkata whose works are different from others. As the color helps us in the relaxation of our stress like this we aim to inspire the mood of everyone in their busy life by our finishing touch in their home. We always try to delivered high quality home painting in kolkata, texture painting service in kolkata and we want to promote the trust, relax the stress, and increase peace of mind through our house painting service in kolkata, howrah, newtown, salt lake, garia, barrackpur,hooghly, etc.