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We provide professional home painting services in Newtown and Rajarhat, we are professional house painting contractors having team of more than 100+ trained home painters in Newtown and Rajarhat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we provide our painting services in every part of the Newtown and Rajarhat. We will be responsible for timely delivering of the services from the start to the end. Our home painters in Newtown and Rajarhat are very professional and will keep you accountable for all the plans of actions with regards to the plan of action and finesse of work. Our home painting services in Newtown and Rajarhat will be responsible for all the materials so that you need to worry about any negotiation and travelling for the material. We will guide you in all steps while painting your beautiful home to suit all your needs.

If you are looking for home painting services in Newtown and Rajarhat then the cost of the painting services will vary a lot depending on where your house is, the heights of the wall, the painting system used and resourcing of the materials. It also depends upon if you are looking for painting the interiors, exteriors or both. The painting services will cost you around 12 to 20 rupees per square feet depending on the mentioned factors. Choose us for the best home painters in Newtown and Rajarhat!

Professional painters are more experienced and have more expertise when it comes painting homes as compared to normal painters. The system in which professional painters work is way more organized and the customer feels very satisfied with how the painting services were conducted from the start to end.The quality of work done by Professional painters is on par with normal painters since even minute details like prepping the wall is taken care of. Our team of professional home painters are very experienced in their fields and make sure that all the small tasks are done with high level of precision. You may not find this level of professionalism with normal painters.

The cost of painting a room in Newtown and Rajarhat varies on a lot of factors including location, quality of materials, additional demands, material sourcing etc. It can range anywhere between 9 per square feet to rupees 25 square feet. It also matters if you want a specific graphics on the walls (for example floral) and are looking for a particular texture and finish (example matte). We will provide you an excellent return on investment so that you get supreme services at nominal costs. Contact us today so that we can provide you with our quotations, our customer service will reply to you promptly

Painting is an art. It needs to follow some steps to make your paint permanent at least for a few years. First, we will clean the surfaces of the walls by wiping down any previous color or loose sands to make the new color more adhesive. Then we start painting from the ceiling and then walls. Now comes the edges (“cutting in”), which demands accurate skills and experience to do it perfectly. The painter from our team uses slow but long strokes to make the paint best and long-lasting. Thus, we can’t complete all the steps in a day as layers of color need to be dry before another one is applied, even if your building is small. And as the area of the building increases, time is needed proportionally. However, in general, we need 3 to 5 days to repaint the interior walls of your home and a maximum of 10 days for the exterior part.

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Dream Home Painting Service is here to offer you extended services on painting services, we are here to offer you the best painting service you have ever experienced. We are spread all over the country and offer interior as well as exterior painting works. We have been in this business for years now and have some of the best minds working for us. Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering every client extravagant painting services. Our rates are affordable and yet you will get tailor-made services at our company.

Professional Painting Services in Newtown and Rajarhat | Best Home Painter in Newtown and Rajarhat

Painting one's home can be a joyride. From choosing the colors and patterns you want to get to the day you see your home completely painted. At, Dream Home Painting Service we completely understand this feeling which is why we provide you with worry-free painting service. Contact us to have an amazing experience. We are here to offer you an experience like never before. This has led us to become the best house painter in New Town.

The professionals that we have at our painting company are highly skilled and know their job well. Whenever we recruit professionals we make sure that they are well-trained. Our experts are well trained to offer specialty paint textures. You do not have to stress about anything when you have hired us, your house is in safe hands.

If you are looking for experienced and expert house painters then we assure you that you have come to just the right place. We are known as the best painting contractors in Newtown and Rajarhat. We have amazing customer records that you can check on our website. Our painting contractors are extremely cooperative and hard-working to cater to any of your painting needs.


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