Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Online Reputations
3. Customer Reviews
4. Licence
5. Capability of Completing Work

It is completely upto you.

No, It's Completely Free.

Here is the list of paint that we use for interior home painting service:
1. Asian Paint Tractor Emulsion
2. Asian Paint Premium Emulsion
3. Asian Paint Apcolyte Advance
4. Asian Paint Royale Luxury Emulsion
5. Asian Paint Royale Shyne
6. Asian Paint Royale Aspira
7. Berger Bison Emulsion
8. Berger Rangoli Premium Emulsion
9. Berger Easy Clean
10. Berger Silk Glamour
11. Berger Silk
12. Berger Silk Glamour Breathe
11. Dulux Velvet Touch Pearls
12. Dulux Velvet Touch Platinum
13. Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond
14. Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Matt

Total Cost= Area of walls * Rate(Rs./sqft)

Yes we provide.

From 9AM to 5PM

You dont need to move any item, our painters will mask all the furniture and other belongings.

1. Matt Finish
2. Mid Sheen finish<
3. High Sheen Finish
4. Lustre Finish

1. Dulux Velvet Touch DIAMOND
2. Asian Paint Royale SHYNE
3. Berger Silk.

30% On the first day
40% in the middle of work
30% on completion

1. Oil Based Paint
2. Water Based Paint

1. Wall Sanding Using Machine
2. First coat primer
3. 2 Coat Acrylic Putty Film
4. Wall Sanding
5. 2 Coat Primer
6. 3 Coat paint

Email You Complaint at, we will take a necessary action

Upto 10% off when you confirm your booking within 24 hours