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We provide professional home painting services in Hooghly, we are professional house painting contractors having team of more than 100+ trained home painters in Hooghly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the quality of trained professional painters trained by us concerning our product range. They can even excel in many any specialty. They are prepared to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. We follow a pattern of supervised painting that is an end to end safe, and very hygienic home painting services. Our experts provide consultation about the products and colors as well to execute painting services. We also carry out a post painting clean up of your home and leave it clean and beautiful. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We appreciate this question; this can be good both economically and for the saving purpose. If you wish only to change the color and give it a new look, you can do it with aluminum and vinyl siding. Check with manufacturer to make sure that the painting does not cut the warranty. It then depends on which surface is being used for painting, that more surface area requires more paintless the surface area less the paint used.

These terms are essential as per painting service it is referred to sheen or gloss level of the paint, and it does make a lot of differences which one you see. The sheen or gloss level means the degree of light reflectance of the paint, and the term you have mentioned are the various manufacturers use to describe their products' shininess. It depends upon the area in which area you are taking the painting service.

Yes, it is right. One should paint when the temperature is above 60 and below 90 degrees F otherwise, the dying time is affected. You should avoid not only rain but also wind. High winds not only can cause your paint to dry quickly than can again blow dirt and others onto the wet surface. It would help if you also tried to paint with shade. If you can avoid indirect sunlight, always check the manufacturer instructions on the paint to label and get advice from your independent paint retailer.

Yes, we follow a safe method. We daily check the temperature of our workers and professionals; safety is our priority. We keep every paintbox sanitized. We keep safety first, so you don't have to worry. We provide you with the best.

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About Us

About Our Company

At Dream Home Painting Service, we make sure that we provide you with the best painter services in the Hooghly and take a professional experience. Because of this, our team is spread all over India. Our team of experts makes sure that they deliver a hygienic and safe painting of your house. Furthermore, our house painters in Hooghly make sure that they’re using only genuine products. You can also have a session of consultation related to the color of the paint, the products, texture; shade etc., with our team of home painting services in Hooghly will assist you with the best and nothing less. We hope to serve you soon!

If you are wandering for the best home painting services in hooghly, you are in the right place! Dream Home Painting Service consists of talented engineers who strive hard to provide you the best painting services in hooghly. We also offer the best renovation and designing services giving our customers an experience with the best tools, staff, and resources. We only promote quality work, our painters and designers knowing the correct brushes and paints. Using the exact technique is what Dream Home Painting Service is known for.

At Dream Home Painting Service, we want our customers to have the best experience from the start and settle to their newly renovated and painted homes satisfied and happy. With our vast range of projects, we are sure to provide you with solutions to brighten up your house and offices with designing and color of your choice from scratch.

Professional Painting Services in Hooghly | Best Home Painter in Hooghly

Dream Home Painting Service provides painting Services in hooghly. Our trained and experienced painters are spread all over the country to provide you the best services.

A home does not look like a home if it does not have your style. Our staff takes proper care of this. We talk through without customers about their choices providing them even the tiny details. Dream Home Painting Service's responsibility is to ensure that you are the happiest when you enter your new home. The happiness and jolly face of our clients is what keeps us going. The exteriors of the home are the first impression. Our house painters in Hooghly take extreme care while choosing colors, ensuring the wall's quality without renovation expertise.

The home painter in Hooghly are spread all over the country in association with Dream Home Painting Service. All the painters keep high-quality waterproof paints having expertise in the field. The House painters at Dream Home Painting Service are trusted ad reliable. With us, your renovation and painting project can be facilitated with ease.Our work is fully transparent and affordable, giving you the best possible results. Our home painters in hooghly are available all across the country. Our renovation facilities involve minor to major renovations. Innovation, as well as excellence, is what Dream Home Painting Service strives for. With our facilities, it is ensured that you will achieve the best results.


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